V​/​A - State Of Downfall (2013)

by Various Artists

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released December 13, 2013


the Karmakumulator - Knjizničareva Psorijaza (Intro) … the Karmakumulator is: Igor Mihovilović – guitar/programmed by
Previously unreleased.

Cojones – Prozac (Acoustic)
Acoustic version previously unreleased, original version appears on Cojones album Sunrise

Mighty Zazuum – Chemtrails … Mighty Zazuum are: Tzule - bass, Hamo - vocals, Đina - bass, Michel - guitar, Allen Batteria Topalli – drums.
Recorded and mixed at SAE Institut Ljubljana by Perica Šuran.
Previously unreleased, taken from forthcoming LP.

Hesus Attor – Bombono Vox … Hesus Attor are: El Cathedralico - vocals, Juan Pablo Pe De Rigad - guitar, Senor Jose Drastic - bass, Pedro De Carbon – drums.
Produced by Matej Zec and Hesus Attor, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at studio G.I.S. – Rijeka by Matej Zec.
Taken from Hesus Attor album Pardon.

Bleeding On Wednesday - Step Aside … Bleeding On Wednesday are: Bizzarre - vocals, Ivana - guitar, Ela - bass, Dora – drums.
Production, mastering and mixing by Filip Sertic at Studio Depth.
Taken from Bleeding On Wednesday self-titled EP.

Killed a Fox – Humble … Killed a Fox are: Chris Ian - vocals, Sho - guitars, Ivan Mioč - bass, Leonard Klaić - drums.
Recorded Mixed and mastered by Leonard Klaić, vocals recorded by Mark Mrakovčić.
Taken from Killed a Fox album Spring Of Sloth and Haze.

Jaded – One Born Every Minute … Jaded are Mislav Mandić - guitars/vocals, Bojan Dunkić - bass, Viktor Strejček – drums.
Recorded at Chicken Sound Studio by Vedran Kovačić – Beli, mixed and mastered by Jasmin Dasović.
Take from Jaded self-titled EP.

Hazarder – Fertile Crescent
Recorded an studio 'BIGZ', Engineered by Petrowitch, produced by Hazarder and Petrowitch.
Taken from Hazarder album Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!

### - Although It Is Not Known Who Your Father Is, You Still Are One Great Eel … ### are: Goran, Jurica and Sven.
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Mitja Greifoner at Studio Klaonica.
Taken from ### self-titled EP

Pogavranjen - Pulsiranje 39 ... Pogavranjen are: Nerast - vocals, Lümfa - bass/guitar, Kabur - guitar, Stid - guitar, Glaatz - drums.
Dražen Dukat - additional vocals, Niko Potočnjak - additional guitar, recorded, mixed and mastered by Vedran Brlečić - Brle.
Taken from Pogavranjen album Raspored Užasa.

the Karmakumulator – Tiho/Bajka (Instrumental Edit) … the Karmakumulator is (on this track): Antunović Ivica - synthesizer, Biškup Tomislav - programmed by, Čuljić Dušan - saxophone, Dabetić Marko - synthesizer, Kovač Mario - technician, Mihovilović Igor - acoustic guitar/electric guitar/sampler/vocals/producer/mixed by.
Vocal version of this track appears on Oči U Magli: Tribute To Satan Panonski, instrumental edit is previously unreleased.

Album title was inspired by photography of Sven Sorić. He made series of photos of his hometown Sisak that used to be industrial giant in former Yugoslavia. In the past decade there has been general downfall of Croatian economy and Sisak turned into city of unemployed that had to look for work in other cities or countries. In 2013 Croatia has became part of European Union so portion of the unemployed population saw the opportunity to go and work abroad but most of the countries in EU banned working permits for Croatian immigrants. To this day, sad industrial situation in Croatia has not been showing any signs of progress and even takes a turn for worst. Sven has successfully captured the demise of once huge industry complex that now lays in ruins. To check up his portfolio go to homeisnoplace.tumblr.com/archive .